June 15, 2022
Top 5 things all Airbnb / vacation homes need
Going the extra mile for guests is a no-brainer in today's market - here's our top 5 things your vacation home needs to help stand…

5. Lock box for ease of check in

Check-in times can vary and guests love flexibility, so why not invest in a lock box secured to the property where guests can collect the keys if their check-in time is outside of hours? Not only will your guests appreciate it but it ensures your property’s security. You can purchase from your local hardware stores (Here’s an example) and are easy to install.

4. Create a homely atmosphere

Once you’ve got those bookings and inviting guests to stay, it’s all about creating that relaxing atmosphere. Styling is obviously a big one and making your guests feel comfortable and at home can be tough, a great way to do this is using candles in your space to create warmth and ambience. Our personal favourites are the ‘Harper’ & ‘Date Night / Gold’ collections from Studio Billie Candles. They are handmade in Sydney, Australia, and have over 40 beautiful sculptural candles to choose from, perfect for all areas of your space.

Picture by Studio Billie

Image Credit: Studio Billie


3. Local guide with hot spots in your area

Honestly, I am one of those people who google everything there is to do in a place before I go, however, there is nothing quite like a locals knowledge! Passing along these tidbits to your guests not only makes them feel like they are in on some local secret hotspots but shows your passion for the area and can benefit other local businesses, too. You could also speak with local businesses for discounts or specials for any guests you refer. Personally, I think these guides are win/win for everybody!

2. Luxurious bed linen

Sleeping somewhere other than your bed can sometimes be scary or uncomfortable, so let your guests slide into some beautiful bed linen to help ease that concern. Our favourite sheets are from Bed Threads – anything linen; mixed & matched is our go-to.

1. Branding + website

This goes without saying. Your messaging from a guests first experience should set the expectation and that starts with your branding!

Consistency is key, your guests should see the value in your stay not just from some pretty pictures on your listing but from how you describe your stay to how you present it to the world to what they experience when staying with you!

Check out why we think your vacation rental needs its own website here + if you’re ready to invest in your brand and want to chat, send us an enquiry here!


Optional extras if you really want to go the extra mile

Personal touches

Talking with some friends of ours about how it’s the little things that we appreciate when staying at a AirBnb’s opposed to hotels and they mentioned at one of their recent stays that their hosts left a bottle of wine and some freshly made bread waiting for their arrival, along with a handwritten note welcoming them. If that wasn’t already setting the tone, they mentioned there was some light music playing and a candle had recently been lit which they couldn’t get over – touches so small but had them feeling so lux. 

I know that can’t always be the case, but even something as little as a handwritten note welcoming the guests by name is a great touch! If you wanted to kick it up a notch, ask us about some branded thank you notes to REALLY wow your guests. 

Local products & souvenirs as take-home momento’s 

Reach out to local suppliers in your area who could supply your stay with shampoo, conditioner, bath washes, snacks, and other small items – not only is it benefiting your community but its a homely touch guests appreciate AND a great take home gift that will remind them of their stay!

Board & yard games and/or streaming services available for entertainment

Cam and I loveeee board games! We especially love when we stay somewhere and they have games for us to play on those rainy / indoor days which getaways are bound to have. Our faves include Settlers of Catan, a classic (full!) deck of cards and a maybe even a jigsaw puzzle or two!

Streaming services are a big plus as well – going that extra mile and providing even one service could be a great way to keep guests entertained if they’re stuck indoors for the day.

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